New environmental technology

  Authorization, verification, and designation

Environmental New
Technology Certification
Environmental New Technology Certification

Certification No. 547

Environmental New
Technology Verification
Environmental New Technology Verification

Verification No. 226

  Water Treatment Process
  New environmental technology

Technology to improve maintenance and management efficiency of separation membranes Technology to effectively control membrane contamination Technology that can reduce power costs Technology to maximize phosphorus emission effects
Using an external flat-film separation (MBR housing) separated from the exhalation tank Using the physical cleaning technology (station tax and cleaning ball) in the outer circulating membrane separator Gravity filtration, microbubble, and low load explosion in operation of membrane separation tank An anaerobic and JBB, Application of raw water division inflow
  Excellence in new environmental technologies

Processing efficiency
- not less than 95.4% total phosphorus processing efficiency (T-P < 0.025 ppm) without the input of a cohesive agent
- At least 78.8% of total nitrogen treatment efficiency without input of organic carbon sources
⇨ At least 95% nitric oxide rate during winter water temperature drop (6.5℃)
Construction Aspects
- Capacity expansion and improvement of existing facilities without changing civil structures (continuous construction is possible)
⇨ Minimize discharge of untreated sewage during capacity expansion and improvement construction
Operational Aspects
- The external flat film separator itself acts as a cleaning tank and can be cleaned without moving the separator (no hoist required.)
- By applying IcT & IoT function, the separation film can be self-diagnosed and automatically cleaned.
- To automate the cleaning of the separator
Notify administrator of when to clean ⇨ Cleaning medication preparation (Manager) ⇨ Perform automatic cleaning
⇨ Send TMP text before and after cleaning to administrator ⇨ Normal operation
Maintenance Aspects
Maintenance Aspects
Effect of drug-free treatment process on drug cost reduction
- Minimize the amount of sludge generated by non-coagulant use
- Effect of reducing power consumption through low load explosion and gravitational filtration
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