Small Sewage Treatment Facilities

Small Sewage Treatment Facilities
Price innovation! Technology innovation! Management innovation! "Modular Small Sewage Treatment Facilities"!

Modular Small Sewage Treatment Facilities이란?
Modular Small Sewage Treatment Facilities One of the main differentiated features of ❶Treatment of total phosphorus (T-P) less than 0.1 mg/L without any coagulant input.❷Nondisruptive construction of existing water treatment facilities is possible in the improvement and expansion work. ❸Smart Small Sewage Treatment Facilities that utilize the final treated water produced by eco-friendly water treatment process.

*Water reuse: Agricultural water, landscape water, road cleaning water, river maintenance water, etc.

  Authorization, verification, and designation (Hold designation documents in three areas of technical development product certification)

Procurement Service Innovation prototype
Procurement Service Innovation prototype

2020-3-7310047 Only designation of sewage treatment facilities

Environmental New Technology Certification
Environmental New Technology Certification

Certification No. 547
2018.11 Latest new technologies acquired

Environmental New Technology Verification
Environmental New Technology Verification

Verification No. 226
2018.11 Latest new technologies acquired

Green Technology Certification
Green Technology Certification

Sewage treatment facilities and sewage treatment facilities

 Technical development products can be contracted by the Public Procurement Service.   

  Modular Small Sewage Treatment Facilities

혁신시제품 지정증서
Automatic cleaning of MBR separation film
  • Cleaning in External Flat Film Separator (Issible MBR)
  • Self-diagnosis and automatic cleaning of separation membranes by applying IcT & IoT technology
  • Separator cleaning date notification function
  • Separate film drug automatic cleaning program copyright registration
혁신시제품 지정증서
T-P < 0.1 mg/L without any coagulant input
  • Verified by new environmental technologies (2018.11)
  • Verified by China Environmental New Technology (ETV) (2020.08)br> - Inlet water T-P: 6.767 mg/L (1.930-12,730 mg/L) on average
    -T-P throughput
  • Reduce sludge generation and labor costs
MBR 분리막 자동세정
Fouling Reduction of Separation Membrane by Application of Cleaning Ball
  • Reducing Separation Fouling
  • Sludge cake layer Removal Effect
    - Decrease TMP growth rate by 30% or more when applying a cleaning ball
    - Perform reinforcement cleaning less than once a year.
Water Treatment Process Remote Monitoring
Water Treatment Process Remote Monitoring
  • Application of 'water quality sensor + algorithm' developed by our company
  • Send SMS text service in case of emergency
  • Real-time discharge water remote monitoring and some control
  • Minimize visits to sewage treatment plants

  Modular Small Sewage Treatment Facilities External Housing

External Housing
  Pleasant and elegant Modular Ground-type Housing
  • Non-disruptive construction of existing water treatment facilities when expansion or improvement is made
  • Convenient maintenance through management that appears to be ground-type
  • Shortening the construction period by assembling on-site movement after factory manufacturing
  • Warranty technology of 98% nitric oxide at low water temperature (6.5℃)
    (Environmental New Technology Verification)
  • SIZE: Approximately 40 m3/d per water treatment plant (3 m x 8 m x 3 mH)

    Co-use with one driver's room (3m x 3m x 3mH)

  Comparison Table of Sewage Treatment Facilities

Sortation Modular Small Sewage Treatment Facilities MBR Method SBR Method Technology differentiation
Total Person Processing No Coagulant Required Coagulant required Coagulant required Environmental New Technology Verification Acquisition
Separator Cleaning Separation film free cleaning Separator Movement Cleaning - No lifting device required
Nondisruptive construction
(Improvement, Expansion)
Nondisruptive construction possibility impossibility impossibility Factory fabrication, site
Separation Film Filtration Gravity Filtration (default)
Pump suction filter (select)
Pump suction filter - Gravity filtration furnace
Separator Life Extension
Discharge water quality monitoring/td> Remote Surveillance possibility Possible but expensive Possible but expensive Our
development sensor + algorithm

* The comparison table above may change when new environmental technologies emerge.

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