Rainwater Facilities

Rainwater Facilities
"3S Rainwater Facilities" to reuse high-quality rainwater using suspended solid (SS) measurement sensors!

Rainwater Facilities?
It's a facility that collects rainwater from the roof of a building for use.

  Rainwater Facilities Installation Benefits

  • Reduction or exemption of water and sewage charges (differentiated in accordance with local ordinances)
  • Additional points for certification of eco-friendly buildings (green buildings)
  “3S Rainwater Facilities” Characteristics (특허출원 중)

  • Application: Landscaping water
  • Protection of filtration system by package initial excellent exclusion device with 3S device
  • Transfer of rainwater less than SS 5 ppm to Rainwater Facilities through 3S devices to reduce the load on the filter and contribute to long-term operation (long cleaning cycle, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring and controlable

  Rainwater Facilities Process chart

Rainwater Facilities Characteristics
  Install To


A playground or gymnasium with a roof area of at least 1,000㎡


Public business facilities with a roof area of at least 1,000㎡, and public offices of public institutions;


Multi-family housing with a building area of at least 10,000㎡


Schools with a building area of at least 5,000㎡


A golf course with a site area of at least 100,000㎡;


A large-scale store with a total area of at least 3,000㎡

* Install To and Management of Rainwater Facilities Article 10 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Promotion and Support of the Reuse of Water

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